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About us

Established in 2011 by Neil Ferguson, Flaura was named after his Mother - Freda Laura, more commonly known as Laura to her friends and family.

Flaura Funerals is an independent and family run Funeral Home providing an affordable, dignified and professional funeral service within the Helderberg and surrounding areas.

Flaura Funerals will assist you with all of the necessary arrangements following the death of a loved one - they will guide and help you through the painful process of the funeral arrangements and ensure that you get exactly what you want. They can arrange flowers, programmes, transportation and anything else you need to give your loved one the dignified and respectful send off that they deserve. Live video streaming of the funeral is also available for any friends and family members that are unable to attend in person.

Available 24 hours a day - we are here to take care of everything on your behalf. Home consultations are available.

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